Software Development Lab

Software Development Lab draws on deep product development expertise to students and enables to build innovative products more rapidly. This lab enables to initiate the students into the discipline of Programming and application development. It is equipped with sufficient facilities of hardware, software, projection systems, internet connectivity, & LAN. The two labs in the department aim to enable the curriculum based laboratory classes such as C Programming Language, C++, JAVA, Python,Database Management Systems, Networking, Network Security,Mobile Application Development,Cloud Computing , Internet Technology, etc. All the laboratories have dual Operating Systems, namely, Windows 10 along with Linux(Fedora Core).

System Software Lab

The Systems Software Laboratory focuses on the experimental design, implementation, and evaluation of systems software technologies which enable the development of a wide range of emerging applications. Students will be able to learn how to build infrastructure, algorithms, and methodologies for software systems. Over this infrastructure, students will able to create sophisticated applications, which achieve good performance. The essential knowledge base for programming projects is provided in software system lab, including Introduction to Software Systems, Data Structures and Algorithms, Operating Systems, and Object-Oriented Programming.